A Walk In The Park

To be precise, it was Everton Park. I made a spontaneous date with S one afternoon to check out this dessert shop called Grin Affair, which sells cakes in a jar. We found the shop, only to be greeted by this :(

Determined not to make it a wasted trip, we took a walk around the area and went trigger-happy. I love the beautiful shop houses, they win towering buildings any time :)

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Finding Warmth In Shanghai

On a cold Friday afternoon, I found myself in Shanghai. My impression of Shanghai is a bustling city where skyscrapers compete to be the tallest of them all. Not exactly top on my list of escapades. What am I doing here then? Well, for work. But since I’m already in Shanghai, I’m definitely not going to miss the chance to know the city better, no? :)

Exploring took place proper after work ended. And surprise, surprise, I actually like what I had a glimpse of in Shanghai :) Whether it was the arty farty Tian Zi Fang, the chic Xin Tian Di or the traditional Yu Garden, I enjoyed them all. During this trip, we didn’t plan any itinerary and I was quite happy that way. I could really enjoy the sights without worrying if we were staying too long in one place. Sometimes it’s good enough to just cruise along and see what comes your way :)

When my friend heard that I was going Shanghai, she immediately said, “Go to Tian Zi Fang. You will like it.” True to her words, I did! The place is like an art enclave filled with many creative knick knacks. My only gripe was the crowded narrow walkway, which made people watching less enjoyable as people passing by behind us when we were seated at a cafe.

Thanks to a local colleague who brought us around during one of the days, we managed to check out Tian Zi Fang, passed by a local park while walking to Xin Tian Di thereafter, and even visited a local night market!

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Queenstown, Singapore In Film

Queenstown was one of the early housing estates in Singapore and was developed in the 1960s. It was designed to be a self-contained community with amenities such as Queenstown Cinema and Queenstown Bowl that proved to be very popular with residents. I can imagine the snaking queues at the cinema and the bowling alley back then. Many buildings in Queenstown have become dilapidated due to decades of neglect and wear and tear and thus, need to make way for new developments.

I don’t have any precious memories of the area since I spent neither my childhood nor my schooling days there. However, those buildings formed a familiar sight thanks to frequent MRT trips on the East-West Line. So, I dropped by the area sometime back in a bid to capture its previous glory. Alas, by the time I went, demolition works were already in progress. The hustle and bustle that used to surround Queestown was gone. In its place was loneliness and weariness, with people hardly taking a second look as they pass by.

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The World Through My (Fish)Eyes

The Fisheye #2 (I named mine Yuzai, kinda cheesy I know) was my first Lomography camera and a birthday present from my brother. Since I laid my hands on it back in 2008, it has been my constant companion for many adventures in and out of Singapore. Yuzai started going places with me in 2010. Sadly I had to retire the camera in 2011 when water got into its body during a snorkeling trip. So this is a tribute to my Yuzai and the world I saw through its eyes.

The first trip it went on was to Tioman, Malaysia in June 2010. There, we observed the idyllic lifestyle of the locals and noted my excitement and fear (of the open sea) when snorkeling for the first time.
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Jurong Bird Park

I woke up earlier than usual one Thursday morning. You heard the saying, the early bird catches the worm. In our case, the early human beings beat the crowd at Jurong Bird Park!

When was the last time you visited Jurong Bird Park (which according to their collateral, is the world’s largest bird paradise)? I bet it was pretty long ago. We made many feathered friends during our visit, many pretty, some noisy and a few intimidating. Continue reading

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Singapore Philatelic Museum

Popped by Singapore Philatelic Museum on Christmas Day. Do you know that the museum has Open House Days on certain public holidays? So yay to free admission on our day of visit!

The museum showcases philatelic materials through their permanent galleries and special exhibitions. The permanent galleries educate the public on philately and the stamp making process and exhibit interesting stamp designs and postal boxes around the world etc. Saw the permanent galleries during my last visit to the museum, so we skipped them this time round. The focus of our visit was to visit the current exhibitions – Elephant Stampede and The Adventures of Tintin! Continue reading

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2012’s Wanderlust

Bali | Beijing | Cambodia | Melbourne | Penang

I hope I get to travel to most, if not all, the places listed here in twentytwelve.

Pictures credit: Lonely Planet

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Social Media Surprises

I chanced upon a video recently and was smiling to myself while watching it :) Social media is all the hype now but I think many businesses have yet to find the most effective way to use these tools to build rapport with their customers.

KLM Royal Dutch Airline made good use of social media to bring little acts of kindness to their passengers. What impressed me the most was that all the small gifts they prepared were personalized for each passenger, reflecting the kind of thoughtfulness that customer service should be. Besides making some passengers’ day, this campaign of theirs helped to create a huge following for KLM on social media platforms and left positive impressions on many.

Here’s the video for you to enjoy:

You can also head over to KLM Surprise to view more of the surprises they have in store for their passengers :)

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Hello Wulai

Wulai (乌来) is a small town in Taipei County which is known for its hot springs and one of Taiwan’s aboriginal groups, the Atayal tribe (泰雅族). Continue reading

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这是我第二次到九份,非常喜欢这个充满浓浓怀旧气息的地方。第一次到访时,来去有点匆忙。这次决定在九份的温莎堡民宿住宿一晚,放慢自己的脚步,欣赏这《悲情城市》的美丽。 Continue reading

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