Krabi [Jan 2011] – Krabi Town

I traveled to Krabi at the beginning of 2011 with TJ. Been bugging him to go on a trip with me and was elated when he finally agreed :)

Krabi is a coastal province in South Thailand with numerous islands, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. I love beach destinations for their relaxed vibe and laid back lifestyle, perfect for vacations when all you want to do is nothing :) The most popular and developed area of Krabi Province would be Ao Nang, where the bulk of restaurants, souvenir shops and resorts are. Krabi Town (where our hostel is), on the other hand, is quieter and not as populated with tourists compared to Ao Nang.

We didn’t plan any itinerary for this trip, only booked the flights and accommodation. We figured we would just book tours when we reached Krabi. We flew via Tiger Airways for $230 per pax, inclusive of taxes and surcharges. After reaching Krabi International Airport, we took the airport shuttle bus to Krabi Town, where our hostel – Good Dream Guesthouse is located.

Found this cafe called 89 cafe near Good Dream Guesthouse. The place was really cosy and the owner was a very nice and friendly lady. We had such a satisfying meal there, we went back a couple of time after that. Hehe.

Come night time, we had fun chilling at a near empty rooftop bar, attempting (rather funnily) to communicate with roadside vendors what we want for our dinner and hanging out at the night market.

And ending the post with a nicely taken photo of Krabi Town by TJ :)

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