Hello Wulai

Wulai (乌来) is a small town in Taipei County which is known for its hot springs and one of Taiwan’s aboriginal groups, the Atayal tribe (泰雅族).

We took bus 849 from Xindian MRT station and reached Wulai after a 40min journey.The first sight that greeted us upon reaching 乌来老街 was food :D I think for most parts of the trip, there were always food in our hands/mouth. Such is the joy of visiting Taiwan, cheap and awesome food everywhere!

More sights of the place as we walked on.. You can tell that the place is kinda commercialized with shops neatly lining both sides of the street. But I feel Wulai does retain its own charm as it has a different vibe from Jiufen.

Crossing the bridge in the picture above, we saw a sign indicating where to take the Wulai log cart. This, in my opinion, was a highlight of our day trip to Wulai. Hee. The log cart is really old school and cute, similar to the train rides you took in amusement parks when you were a kid.  I felt like I was reliving my childhood memories when I was riding it. Oh, and few things beat having the wind in your hair while you enjoy a great view. Anyway, taking the log cart allows lazy people (like us) to reach Wulai Waterfall comfortably. Otherwise, you can also choose to walk.

Alighting from the log cart, we had more food before looking for Wulai Waterfalls. We met a group of friendly aunties who were manning the food stall. Chatted with them while waiting for our food to be ready and we ended up buying Taiwan Beer to go with the fried food. haha.

Some glimpses of the aboriginal culture at Wulai..didn’t manage to visit the Atayal Museum, so didn’t have a chance to find more about the tribe. But we did have a go at aboriginal food at this place called 泰雅婆婆美食店.

There were some interesting sights in Wulai…

Mobile fruit stall, a pretty ingenious idea!

Popsicle..plenty of flavors to choose from.

We all had a go at this fortune telling game.

And ending off with a photo of us with pretty rock formations :)

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