Singapore Philatelic Museum

Popped by Singapore Philatelic Museum on Christmas Day. Do you know that the museum has Open House Days on certain public holidays? So yay to free admission on our day of visit!

The museum showcases philatelic materials through their permanent galleries and special exhibitions. The permanent galleries educate the public on philately and the stamp making process and exhibit interesting stamp designs and postal boxes around the world etc. Saw the permanent galleries during my last visit to the museum, so we skipped them this time round. The focus of our visit was to visit the current exhibitions – Elephant Stampede and The Adventures of Tintin!

The Elephant Stampede exhibition is held in conjunction with Elephant Parade Singapore 2011, an open air art exhibition in preservation of the Asian elephant. We learned about the  declining elephant populations, the shrinking of their habitats and even the difference between Asian and African elephants. I felt like a school kid on an excursion, all over again.

A side note on Elephant Parade, each elephant has a unique design painted by local and international artists. The elephants are on parade in central locations, so you probably spotted some when you were in town. I was at Vivocity and captured some of them. They are all very nice, so I couldn’t pick a personal favourite. Haha.

Now, I don’t remember reading the comic series of The Adventures of Tintin, so I viewed the exhibition without any knowledge about Tintin nor his adventures. But it was cute to note how Tintin changes his attire according to the country he was in. 真是入乡随俗。

The museum also has a yearly exhibit on the current Chinese zodiac sign of that year. The exhibit for the year of Dragon should be coming up soon! When we visited, it was still the year of Rabbit (my zodiac sign!) and we had fun checking out the word Rabbit in other languages. Guess which word caught TJ’s attention?

And I found really pretty tiles in the museum, couldn’t resist taking a picture :)

Singapore Philatelic Museum

23B Coleman Street Singapore 179807

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