Jurong Bird Park

I woke up earlier than usual one Thursday morning. You heard the saying, the early bird catches the worm. In our case, the early human beings beat the crowd at Jurong Bird Park!

When was the last time you visited Jurong Bird Park (which according to their collateral, is the world’s largest bird paradise)? I bet it was pretty long ago. We made many feathered friends during our visit, many pretty, some noisy and a few intimidating.

We saw penguins stoning behind the glass panel; chilling under the shade and wriggling the butt in water. As I was typing this entry, I suddenly thought to myself – are penguins birds? A quick check on Wikipedia shows that penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds and proves that I have returned my Science knowledge back to the teachers :p
We heard the Macaws even before we saw them. Apparently they screech and squawk to ‘talk’ to one another, mark territory or just for fun. Not very fun to me. The flamingos were more well behaved. Oh, Jurong Bird Park very thoughtfully installed Braille signs for the visually handicapped. Kudos to them for doing so. We also caught two shows in the morning – Kings of the Skies and Birds n Buddies. They were really fun and interactive shows! But the mascots that appeared on Birds n Buddies show were kinda lame. Still, catch the shows when you visit the park, it was a highlight of the trip for me :) I’m sorry there are no photos on the shows, the birds flew faster than I could press the shutter. Too fast and furious.

Another attraction you must visit is the Lory Loft. We walked in and were amazed to see the lories eating right out of visitors’ hands. The birds were really comfortable in the presence of human beings, very friendly birds indeed.
There are many other bird exhibits in the park. At the Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, we saw many small and brilliantly colored South American birds in close proximity. Then, if you wish to seek respite from the heat and mosquitoes, you can head to the Bird Discovery Centre. You’ll get to learn interesting fun facts about birds, view the collection of eggs and even see paintings of birds with their real feathers attached!
If you haven’t been to Jurong Bird Park in ages, pop by one day, will you? I was subtly impressed and in awe of how close we could be to the birds for some of the exhibits. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit there too :)

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