The World Through My (Fish)Eyes

The Fisheye #2 (I named mine Yuzai, kinda cheesy I know) was my first Lomography camera and a birthday present from my brother. Since I laid my hands on it back in 2008, it has been my constant companion for many adventures in and out of Singapore. Yuzai started going places with me in 2010. Sadly I had to retire the camera in 2011 when water got into its body during a snorkeling trip. So this is a tribute to my Yuzai and the world I saw through its eyes.

The first trip it went on was to Tioman, Malaysia in June 2010. There, we observed the idyllic lifestyle of the locals and noted my excitement and fear (of the open sea) when snorkeling for the first time.

The second trip we went to was Hong Kong and Macau in July 2010 and we were joined by my best friend, B :) In Hong Kong, we witnessed a peaceful demonstration, visited Ocean Park for its attractions and rides and wandered along the streets to take in a slice of the locals’ way of life. Then we crossed the sea to Macau for a glimpse of the ruins of St. Paul’s and some Portuguese food before surrendering to the sweltering heat.

Next up, Yuzai’s third (and sadly last) trip was to Krabi, Thailand in January 2011. We got dizzy together when the strong currents rocked the speedboat but we also had fun swimming with fishes in the open sea. Then we basked in the warmth of the sun at the gorgeous Maya Beach and people-watched.

I love the quirky way Yuzai views the world. One day, I hope to be able to buy one of its siblings and continue on my adventures with a Fisheye camera in tow!

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2 Responses to The World Through My (Fish)Eyes

  1. tujian says:

    Salutes to YuZai! Perhaps we can still revive it.
    Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure you’ll still have chances to see the world through a fisheye. :)

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