Queenstown, Singapore In Film

Queenstown was one of the early housing estates in Singapore and was developed in the 1960s. It was designed to be a self-contained community with amenities such as Queenstown Cinema and Queenstown Bowl that proved to be very popular with residents. I can imagine the snaking queues at the cinema and the bowling alley back then. Many buildings in Queenstown have become dilapidated due to decades of neglect and wear and tear and thus, need to make way for new developments.

I don’t have any precious memories of the area since I spent neither my childhood nor my schooling days there. However, those buildings formed a familiar sight thanks to frequent MRT trips on the East-West Line. So, I dropped by the area sometime back in a bid to capture its previous glory. Alas, by the time I went, demolition works were already in progress. The hustle and bustle that used to surround Queestown was gone. In its place was loneliness and weariness, with people hardly taking a second look as they pass by.

I wonder what kind of changes will the new developments bring about?

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  1. eve says:

    sudden urge to blog but just zilch energy, so dropping by just to say hi!

  2. tujian says:

    Too bad the hawker centre was torn down when we were there. One of my birthdays was celebrated there at the famous chicken rice stall, with the LEAGUE members. Sweet!

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