Finding Warmth In Shanghai

On a cold Friday afternoon, I found myself in Shanghai. My impression of Shanghai is a bustling city where skyscrapers compete to be the tallest of them all. Not exactly top on my list of escapades. What am I doing here then? Well, for work. But since I’m already in Shanghai, I’m definitely not going to miss the chance to know the city better, no? :)

Exploring took place proper after work ended. And surprise, surprise, I actually like what I had a glimpse of in Shanghai :) Whether it was the arty farty Tian Zi Fang, the chic Xin Tian Di or the traditional Yu Garden, I enjoyed them all. During this trip, we didn’t plan any itinerary and I was quite happy that way. I could really enjoy the sights without worrying if we were staying too long in one place. Sometimes it’s good enough to just cruise along and see what comes your way :)

When my friend heard that I was going Shanghai, she immediately said, “Go to Tian Zi Fang. You will like it.” True to her words, I did! The place is like an art enclave filled with many creative knick knacks. My only gripe was the crowded narrow walkway, which made people watching less enjoyable as people passing by behind us when we were seated at a cafe.

Thanks to a local colleague who brought us around during one of the days, we managed to check out Tian Zi Fang, passed by a local park while walking to Xin Tian Di thereafter, and even visited a local night market!

The colleagues and I also explored the People’s Square area and Yu Garden. A lot of times, we got lost and occasionally some kind souls would come peeping at our map and asked where we wanted to go :) It was funny how one local recommended us to go Raffles City. Obviously we got lost and gave up finding. Eventually we found the mall by chance only to realise it’s by CapitaMall and houses plenty of Singapore brands… We also queued for the legendary xiao long baos recommended by our local colleagues. Conclusion: Not that legendary after all.

So this concludes my maiden trip to China, which far exceeded my own expectations. And as we all know, spitting is really common in China, so I’m thankful that we only had ONE incident where a local’s spit landed near us, and not on us :) I’m actually looking forward to more trips to China. Maybe Beijing or Yunnan next?

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